Letters to the Editor for Oct. 12, 2010

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Citizens need louder voice in city issues

“Deep Budget cuts in Camas!” “Washougal freezing wages.” “Washougal 2011 budget issues!” Why are we having so many “woe is us” stories circulating lately?

We seemed to have plenty of money for a tunnel, roundabout studies, and all forms of pet projects from our two city councils. Some projects, I might add, that met with lukewarm receptions at best from the public. Others that would have met with a downright rejection from the voters had we been able to vote.

Property values have been declining for several years now, so why do we continue to fund these extraneous projects? Are we throwing away the money just because we get matching (or better) funds?

Looks like we’re failing to plan, and you know the rest of the saying! It’s getting to be a bad habit.

City workers being threatened with job cuts, wage freezes, program cancellations — the list goes on. And all based on a scenario that “likely will happen.”

The voters of Camas-Washougal need a little more voice in where our tax money goes.

And we need it in the form of a public vote, and not in city council meetings whose members have already decided on the outcome even before the first gavel falls.

Adding by subtracting — it comes back to bite you every time!

Fred M. King, Washougal

Rivers has good ideas

I am taking this opportunity to write in support of Ann Rivers in her bid for the first position legislative seat in the 18th District.

I have listened to Ann debate the issues at hand and had the privilege of visiting with her on the phone. I am impressed with her strong intellect and common sense approach to issues. Ann understands that our state government (as most governments at this time) is under financial strain. I feel that she has some very good ideas that can help to correct the problem and once elected is ready to hit the floor running.

She assured me that she is not in favor of a state income tax. Apparently her opponent is in favor of a state income tax.

One thing that impressed me about Ann is her understanding of the parameters she will be working in. I believe that with her very strong work ethic, pleasant personality, business savvy, and leadership skills Ann can make a very positive contribution for our district as well as for the people of the great state of Washington.

I see Ann as someone that can definitely get the job done. I feel that she is appreciative and deserving of our confidence.

Paul Fuger, Washougal

Vote for Ann Rivers

In the 18th District, we have a great opportunity to elect an experienced and innovative candidate to be our next state representative.

Ann Rivers possesses the conservative values and knowledge of the issues that are so important to us in Southwest Washington.

She has shown her commitment to the voters already by working on future legislation before she is elected and finding ways to get our economy back on track by new job creation and less business regulation.

Ann has separated herself from her opponent and has clearly demonstrated she is ready to serve the 18th and to serve it faithfully.

As a state and community, we need someone who puts the success of economy and social values above anything else. By voting for Ann Rivers, you are choosing a representative that will fight to correct the many wrong decisions made in Olympia lately and be a true representative for the people.

I ask that you vote with me for Ann Rivers.

Scott Higgins, Camas City Councilman

Auction will support field trips

The Camas Educational Foundation is holding their 2010 annual fall auction from 6 to 10 p.m. on Oct. 23, at the Camas Meadows Golf Club.

As an opportunity for auction attendees, the CEF Board searches out an area of specific need within the Camas School District to be the recipient for a collective bid during the live auction. Attendees can then donate funds directly to this cause with the raise of their bidder number.

In the past, money has been donated for library books at the new Hayes Freedom High School, musical instruments for the band, and in 2009 over $11,000 was donated at the auction for adaptive equipment to support the special needs students in our district.

For this year, the CEF Board collaborated with administrators and educators at the school district to identify a most critical area of need — funding to support field trips for students.

Research has shown that supporting school curricula by allowing students to experience a local environment strengthens the learning process and creates life-long memories for the students.

Fourth graders visit the fish hatchery to complement the salmon curriculum, kindergarten students visit the pumpkin patch, and eighth-graders travel to Mount St. Helen’s to learn about recovering the environment.

Field trip support was chosen this year in direct response to the budget cuts mandated for the school district. Field trip money was cut from the district’s budget last year laying the burden of funding school field trips onto parents and the PTA/PTO’s at each school. CEF is partnering with PTA/PTO’s to support field trips for Camas School District students.

If you would like to support this cause, but are unable to attend the auction this year, tax-deductible donations for field trips can be made online through the auction link on the CEF website.

Please support CEF’s field trip fundraiser by donating online through the auction link at

Bonnie Carter, CEF auction committee

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