Letters to the Editor for Aug. 9, 2011

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Preserve Connector service

I am writing to ask the citizens of Camas and Washougal to vote to approve Proposition 1 and preserve C-Tran service.

My son Jacob uses the Connector service two times daily, Monday through Friday to get to work and back. Jacob is mentally challenged, yet he manages to hold a full-time job and support himself successfully and happily. Jacob depends on C-Tran’s Connector to keep his independence, without it he will have to rely on family, friends, work-mates, etc., to get him to and from his job.

If you have ever lost your transportation for a period of time, you may remember how it feels to have to ask people for rides and depend on others to get you where you need to go and not to have control over your own situation.

Jacob does not rely on our social services to survive, but he does rely on C-Tran Connector as do many other people with and without disabilities to get to work in order to remain self-sufficient and independent.

Approve Proposition 1.

Maria Lattanzi, Vancouver

Disappointed with school schedule changes

We have recently been informed about new changes to the school schedules by the Camas School District.

An email sent out to parents indicates that the changes are to eliminate lengthy unstructured time before the start of elementary schools. So why can’t they make the time more structured, instead of screwing up every school’s schedule?

There’s no other reasonable explanation other than budget cuts. With this plan, employee costs for playground supervisors will be reduced, although they don’t give the financial benefit as a reason for their schedule changes. They only claim that it will benefit the students. The Camas School District should be honest with their intentions.

Because of these new schedules, my school day is even longer. I am a sophomore at Hayes Freedom High School who will now have to stay at school for an additional 25 minutes each day. I’m also aware that the school day of Skyridge and Liberty has been increased by five minutes. What is the point of these changes?

The Camas School District wouldn’t need to change every schedule if they used their existing money wisely. I’m very disappointed that our school district would go to this unnecessary extreme.

Lindy Treece, Camas

No CHS marching band at Camas Days parade?

I’m an alumni of the Camas High School music department. I graduated at CHS in 2001. I have fond memories of being in the marching band and participating in the Camas Days parade each and every year I was in high school.

Much to my dismay, there was no CHS marching band in this year’s Camas Days parade. I wonder why? Why is it that 10 years ago, we had no problem gathering up some souls during the summer and participating. I would think that 10 years later, the music department at CHS would have the resources and even more band students to willingly participate.

While I enjoy the Camas Days parade (as I have almost every year), it was a little sad to not have a CHS marching band present.

Christian Bullock, Vancouver

Dog owners to blame for tragedy

A tragedy occurred in my lovely, quiet Camas subdivision yesterday.

A sweet, friendly Yorkshire terrier enjoying a morning walk with his owner was killed by a Husky and a Great Dane who had escaped their yard.

Please note this isn’t an urban tale involving pit bulls. If this can happen in my neighborhood, it can happen anywhere. All dogs need socialization with other pets, as well as people, but especially large breeds, because of the damage they can inflict. The owners are to blame for not ensuring these dogs were socialized.

Most large working dog breeds need an immense amount of exercise and mental stimulation (which cannot be derived from being kept in a yard). The owners are to blame for not providing these.

The owners are also to blame for not ensuring that their yard was secure.

The owner who was at home is to blame for being oblivious to the location of his dogs.

Although these dogs are clearly a danger, it is the owners who are to blame for the violent death of this happy little Yorkie, which has left his owners, and the rest of us who loved him, absolutely heartbroken.

Although nothing will bring this beloved dog back, hopefully this letter can help prevent other such tragedies.

Kristin Nicholls, Camas

Cahoon will make a great commissioner

“Evil prevails when good men do nothing.” This famous quote is by Edmund Burke, 17th century Irish political philosopher and statesmen who is regarded as the father of conservatism.

An elderly woman brought a framed copy of this quote to my downtown Camas art gallery when I was on the City Council. She wanted me to hang it in my office and see it everyday so that I would continue to have the courage to stick up for what I believed in and for what was right for our community. It still hangs in my office today.

This quote also fits Neil Cahoon, candidate for port commissioner. Neil has a great life. As an air transportation professional, he travels all over the world for a major airline. He lives on a peaceful farm in Fern Prairie and has many friends who love and respect him. He has volunteered hundreds of hours to the community as a mentor for youth. The last thing he needs is another job.

The easiest thing for Neil to do is sit back and let the same old good ol’ boys run the Port. But Neil knows that evil will prevail when good men do nothing. Neil is a good man and this is why he has filed to run for C-W Port Commissioner.

As a true fiscal conservative, Neil will be the strongest advocate for taxpayers. He has the utmost integrity and is a true leader.

Neil graduated from the United States Air Force Academy. He served our country with a distinguished 20-year military career. He holds a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering and is a former professor in the mathematics department at the Air Force Academy. While on active duty, Neil flew reconnaissance F-4 fighter planes to admirably defend our nation.

Neil is the smartest person I know. And I know a lot of people. Neil has the youth, vitality and intelligence to improve your Port by bringing more family wage jobs to our community. And, he has the political will to find efficiencies, reduce the size of government and lower your taxes. He will be a great commissioner.

Visit his website at

Liz Pike, Camas

Cahoon has integrity

Today’s elected official must have plans to save the people’s money while doing more with less.

Neil Cahoon has been a commercial pilot for a major airline for the past 23 years. Over that time, he has been trusted with the lives and safety of millions of passengers.

Neil is a man of integrity. He is trained to handle all possible circumstances. Knowing Neil personally, I know he will be a thoughtful and dedicated servant to all residents residing in the C-W Port District. Please vote for Neil as he is the top choice on the ballot.

AJ Gomez, Clark County business owner

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