Letters to the Editor July 19, 2011

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Kudos to Honorable Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler

We are very pleased on Congresswoman Jaime Herrera’s voting record on supporting, creating sustainable jobs for Americans, a balanced budget, protecting the most vulnerable among us, securing our Borders, E-Verify and a county wide vote on light rail and tolls. The overwhelming majority of citizens in our Third Congressional District applaud Jaime’s efforts.

Shame on Vancouver’s Mayor Leavitt for not honoring his word when he ran for mayor on no light rail and no tolls on our bridges and freeways. Leavitt has been disingenuous on what he said he supported. The citizens of Clark County have had it with politicians that say one thing and do the opposite when elected. Citizens deserve a vote when it comes to issues of this magnitude.

Commissioners Boldt and Stuart have also fallen short on allowing our citizens a vote on light rail, tolls and Home Rule Charter, after they promised on numerous occasions that they would.

Chuck Miller


‘E Street Blues,’ the sequel

I’m still trying to laugh more than cry, but I think it’s time for “E Street Blues-the Sequel.”

Think I’m gonna need new shocks,

All my tires are full of rocks.

Slow now, stop now, which is which?

Soon we’re driving in the ditch.

Dozer coming at me now,

Where’s the flaggers? Holy cow!

Hwy 14 bypass can’t be used,

It’s a mess and we’re abused.

August deadline looming near,

I can’t see it by next year!

Cheryl Moulton, Washougal

Port Commission will use logic and reason

Tonight the Port of C-W Commissioners will be making a tough decision on whether or not to accept money from the Federal Aviation Association to increase the size of Grove Airfield.

We have had three Port elections in the last four years with candidates who have stated their position in favor or against accepting FAA money: Jim Gray for and Bill Ward against; Alan Hargrave for and Bill MacRae-Smith against; Gary Perman for and Mark Lampton against.

In each of these commission elections, those who opposed accepting FAA money won. Some view this as a public referendum that the general public likes Grove Airfield just the way it is and do not want to lengthen and widen the runway. They believe that the public does not want increased general aviation around Fern Prairie, Lacamas Shores and Camas.

Some view spending $10 million for 79 pilots as being a very high subsidy to benefit a minority of people in the district.

The current Port commissioners have no plans to sell or shut down Grove Airfield — as they have stated that they want to keep it as a community asset. You can be sure that the commissioners decision this evening will be based on research, logic and sound reasoning.

Roger Daniels, Washougal

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