Letters to the Editor for Sept. 27, 2011

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City Council made well thought out decision

Watching our City Council deal with the Farrell House unclassified use permit after receiving a recommended approval by our Planning Commission was most rewarding. They did their homework and were well prepared to deliberate the pros and cons of this permit. Their focus was on maintaining the quality of living of our residential neighborhood, not how to make a business fit among well-established family homes.

Their actions renewed our confidence in Camas city government. They did their job and did it with proper consideration to both sides of the issue. Their vote was 7-0 denying the permit.

We are proud to say we have a city council we can depend on to help maintain our quality living conditions. Their preparedness and deliberation comprise a model for our planning commission to carefully study.

Alan Stoller, Evergreen Terrace resident

McDaniel is a trustworthy leader

Jennifer McDaniel is the dedicated, hard working council member the citizens of Washougal deserve. Her municipal accomplishments demonstrate Jennifer’s commitment to moving Washougal in a positive direction.

She has a clear vision to promote fiscally responsible growth and increase the number of living wage jobs in our community. Jennifer has voted for road projects that remain within city budget and will improve liveability. She is also a strong supporter of the Economic Development Council.

Jennifer understands Washougal needs leadership with integrity and ethical decision-making. She voted to lower property taxes in 2009 and reduced her own salary by 10 percent in 2010. She also voted to enact both the whistle blower and new City ethics policies.

I trust Jennifer; knowing she is researching issues, listening to people across the city and willing to ask the hard questions. I’m confident in her abilities as a solution focused, consensus building leader. I hope you will join me in voting to re-elect Jennifer McDaniel, City Council member.

Nicki Jay, Washougal

Save the market

You may not know this, but the Camas Farmer’s Market is a non-profit organization that counts on community donations, sponsorships and grants to keep the market going. We get a percentage of our budget from vendor fees, but those fees do not cover all the community-based programs that make our market unique.

Many market customers have the mis-perception that the Camas Farmers Market is a City of Camas program. However, while the City provides some valuable logistical support, the City does not provide financial support to the market. Putting on a weekly market like ours takes money and we need community support.

Our market provides fresh, local produce from farmers you know, educates you on how easy it is to cook and eat healthy, provides healthy living and eating education for kids (starts them off right), provides healthy food for all (food assistance is offered and food stamps accepted), brings the community together in a fun wholesome family setting

Your dollars go to planning and supplies for all the great activities and learning, letting people know about the market, supplies for the market and running market day, insurance and health permits, assisting with food assistance programs and education so everyone has access to healthy food.

Please help us save the market. If every market customer contributed just $1 per market week, we could almost fully fund all these great programs. This is the last week of the market for this season, so please stop by our booth in the market this week to make your donation.

Donations can be made anytime on our website (even after the market season is over) at

Camas Farmer’s Market Volunteer Board: Thomas Brundage, Carol Freedman, Karen Lasher, Jamie Morin, Carrie Schulstad, Shannon Van Horn and Carren Senn Walker

Defacing campaign signs is illegal

One of our most precious national treasures is our freedom. We preserve this freedom by showing respect for others and keeping open dialog, transparency and civility in our elections. This includes rigorous campaigning for office and supporting our preferred candidates.

Goodwill and good intentions are required to protect this process. Unfortunately poor judgment or poor character has given license to some who remove or deface political signs and undermine this open and free political process.

RCW 29A.84.040 – Political Advertising Removing or Defacing states that removing or defacing political advertising is a misdemeanor.

Political promotions are at the core of our democracy tampering with the communications process threatens the democratic process.

Care should be taken to respect the political process. Tampering or removing signs on public property is a misdemeanor and punishable by law.

Anyone observing or knowing of the removal, or defacing of signs without the permission of the candidate should call their local police department to file a report so that the offenders will be brought to justice.

Lucia Worthington, Washougal

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