Letters to the Editor for July 31, 2012

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Vote Mielke and Madore

Clark County would be blessed to have Dave Madore and Tom Mielke elected as County Commissioners.

Mielke is an experienced public servant and also a U.S. Army veteran with strong qualities.

Madore started his business with a good idea, became successful, created over 130 jobs with U.S. Digital Co., and now shares his profits with others. Now he is willing to serve our community as a County Commissioner and share 20 percent of his county salary back to the county taxpayers.

This man is honest, decent, credible and has a good character.

If you want to change Clark County for the best, vote for Tom Mielke and Dave Madore.

Joe Levesque


A sign of a dishonest campaign

If you have driven State Highway 500 through the Fern Prairie area lately, you have probably seen the large campaign sign for David Madore at the Port of Camas-Washougal’s Grove Field airport. It sure looks like the Port is endorsing this particular candidate.

The sign is on private property, as it turns out, and the Port has an easement there for the taxi-way. But the property owners have established a pattern of using this site for large political campaign signs. They own a 550 foot stretch of highway frontage that would not be confused with airport property. However, they repeatedly use the far corner of the next 60 feet, right at the end of the taxiway, leaving the impression of a Port endorsement.

The easement agreement with the Port gives the property owners free use of the airport and increased property values. It should not give them free use of the Port’s good reputation.

In reality, the Port is prohibited by law from taking a position in any political campaign. They expressed concern about the sign to the landowners, who persist in using their right to free speech in this way. This right, especially in political speech, does not exclude dishonesty or deception. Madore’s campaign has the right to try to fool you.

Candidates from previous years whose signs were in this location lost by significant margins. But in those years the Port’s public image was badly tarnished.

Today’s Port has all new commissioners, committed to public dialogue and involvement, promoting a new spirit of collaboration between local governments and moving forward with projects to improve our local economy. The Port’s reputation has made a big turn-around. Their image now has real value, and I consider the placement of this sign to be a theft of our Port’s good public image.

Don’t be fooled. The Port of Camas-Washougal cannot and does not endorse David Madore.

But more importantly, any time you see a political campaign sign in this location, now or in future election years, recognize it as a sign of a dishonest campaign.

Richard Hamby


Camas Days …is it?

Camas Days has come and gone, and for the first time in as long as I can remember, I decided not to attend any part of the festivities. I guess I’m finally frustrated enough that I’m not willing to support what seems to be continued disrespect to our local businesses.

One example of this is food vendor Kidz With Ice being kicked out of Camas Days this year just weeks before the event, for “violating a code of conduct” (for speaking her mind and asking questions). For those of you that don’t know her, Mikki Keller has supported Camas schools and organizations for many, many years and would give the shirt off her back for the kids in this community.

I will continue to try to wrap my mind around how and why Camas Days has gotten so far from what it used to be. The initial intent was to bring the people of Camas together to celebrate our wonderful city, as well as show others what we have to offer. As a lifelong Camas resident, I feel we have lost sight of what is really important. How sad.

Rochelle Gittings


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