Letters to the Editor for August 21, 2012

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Privatizing public works is a serious matter

In Dawn Feldhaus’ report of the meeting of the City of Washougal City Council, the innocuous wording would not make the average reader aware of the seriousness of one of the subjects being discussed – the City is considering giving control of the city’s water and sewer systems to a private operator.

This frightens me.

Water is life. Washougal has especially good water. It contributes to the quality of life we share.

Why would such an idea be suggested? To save money?

Water cannot be manufactured. All those bottles of water being sold in the stores have been filled from some city’s source, sometimes creating a supply concern. Those bottles are sold at a profit. How can it be that the City of Washougal, a non-profit, cannot manage its water supply at a lower cost than a corporation can? The corporation is in business to make a profit and would not accept the contract if they could not.

Please, if you value this important resource, get yourself to the City Hall Monday nights at 6 p.m. Make your opinion heard.

Marilyn Tyrrell, Washougal

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