Keeping senior citizens safe

Readers of the Camas-Washougal Post-Record know that we often have articles about accomplishments of local men and women, high school sports coverage, local city and port news, and a little bit of everything in-between.

Like any small community in America, our cities have their issues but overall most of us likely feel these communities are safe places to live. But once in a while, we are unfortunately reminded that there are some truly bad people out who take advantage of others.

Recently the Clark County Assessor’s Office issued a warning to local residents of a telephone marketing campaign that seeks personal information from older residents, implying they could receive property tax refunds or relief.

According to an article in today’s Post-Record, the callers say they represent an organization called “Seniors First,” then ask residents for personal information such as income, age and employment status. Callers say they are trying to help residents determine whether they qualify for the state’s property tax relief programs or assistance to veterans.

This, unfortunately, is just one of many scams out there and senior citizens are often targets. While they may feel particularly vulnerable to this kind of crime, there are ways seniors can protect themselves.

In an effort to educate our local senior citizens about topics ranging from warnings about scams and fraud to Alzheimer’s disease and fall prevention information, the interaction and connections offered to seniors as part of this Clark County program are invaluable.

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