Letters to the Editor for Jan. 10, 2012

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Step up for democracy

I hear a lot of complaints about corporations that are pouring unlimited and unidentified dollars into the our elections.

The latest example was the saturation of Iowa with television ads coming from Super Pak anonymous groups like “Restore our Future” and “Foundation for a Better Life.” These ads are corporate money acting to swing public opinion with lies and distortions toward the candidates they want. Let’s not dress it up too fancy — it’s a corporate take-over of America designed to promote their agenda. It’s anti-democratic and clearly un-American.

But, thanks to an activist US Supreme Court and their ruling on Citizens United, we are left with this super-sized loophole in our Constitution. Is this the America we want?

I call on all citizens to study S.J. Res. 33: “A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to expressly exclude for-profit corporations from the rights given to natural persons by the Constitution of the United States, prohibit corporate spending in all elections, and affirm the authority of Congress and the States to regulate corporations and to regulate and set limits on all election contributions and expenditures.”

You can get information about this at the sponsor’s website at If you agree with this simple straight forward strengthening of our democracy, sign the petition.

Sanders’ amendment, S.J. Res. 33, would state that corporations do not have the same constitutional rights as persons, that corporations are subject to regulation, that corporations may not make campaign contributions and that Congress has the power to regulate campaign finance.

It will not affect the “free-market.”It will not affect your taxes. It will not limit your liberty. But, it will make politicians take notice to the real voice of democracy, yours.

I call on our two Washington US Senators, Sens. Murray and Cantwell to co-sponsor this constitutional amendment. Step out in front of this issue and step up for democracy.

Jim Ebacher, Camas

No to Whistling Ridge project

If freedom is defined as your choices stopping where the other persons nose starts, then the time is now for the wind energy rampage(“gold rush”)to be put in check until principles can be considered.

Wind energy has become the trojan horse for mega corporations whose only concern is for profit in disregard for the environment,the livability of communities and the people of the region. Many of which depend on tourism.

For example the energy produced by the Whistling Ridge project is insignificant and certainly not crucial to anyone’s energy needs. However, the impacts of this project would be devastating to crucial wildlife habitat, land and scenic value and to one of the most successful environmental acts passed in history as the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Act. A national treasure.

Gov. Chris Gregoire needs to uphold her party’s standards and values along with the state of Washington and not give in to the elite minority and destroy our heritage in exchange for less than nothing.

Gov. Kitzaber of Oregon leads by protecting his part of the Columbia River Gorge.

A bad decision will have drastic consequences at the polls, for the environment, our national heritage, the people of Washington State and their freedoms, and for generations to come

John Boesch, Washougal

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