A little more stability for Washougal?

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Last night, the Washougal City Council voted to have Brent Boger join the group as its newest member.

Boger, the Vancouver senior assistant city attorney for the past 13 years and a Washougal resident since 2003, has the skills and background to be a high quality councilman. Maybe most telling in this selection process, when it comes to predicting how Boger might fit in with the new group dynamic, is the fact that the vote was unanimous. He clearly gained the confidence of each member of the Washougal City Council — a government body that has so often been divided on a variety of issues.

Boger replaces Jon Russell, who resigned last month to take a job in Virginia. Russell carried a number of unique perspectives about the role of local government, and controversy often followed many of his actions.

But now, maybe this latest addition to the Washougal City Council will in some ways signify the start of a little bit more stability and calmer waters within an elected body that has certainly had its share of turbulence.

This doesn’t mean that from now on these seven individuals will be in agreement all of the time on every issue — it’s almost a given that they won’t. But what it should mean is that there is general respect for one another, the city and its citizens, and the rules and processes of local government.