Letters to the Editor for July 17, 2012

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No to Camas tax hike

Camas residents should reject the Excess Levy Camas proposes to boost Emergency Medical Services taxes significantly from 35 cents per $1,000 of property value for homes and businesses to 46 cents per $1,000 of value. This is estimated to boost Camas EMS funds from about $888,825 to $1,182,775 in the first year and grow for six years.

EMS salaries and especially benefits will grow the most under the plan. Many Camas families and businesses are facing tough budgets, and the city must learn to live within its means instead of raising tax rates.

Another reason to vote “no” is that the city failed to fulfill its legal duty to appoint a “no” committee for statements opposed to the tax hike in the voter’s guide. State law RCW 29A.32.280 requires the city to formally appoint both pro and con committees for elections with voter pamphlets, no later than 45 days before pamphlet publication.

The city readily appointed the “yes” committee of a retired city employee, the Washougal Mayor, and another Camas resident. However, no reasonable effort was made by the city to timely appoint a “no” committee, hence only pro statements in the voter’s guide.

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Margaret Tweet, Camas

Haugen has real world experience

I am writing to express my support for Jon Haugen, candidate for U.S. Congress in the 3rd Congressional District.

I encourage all voters to get to know Haugen and what he stands for. He has the real world experience and middle class values this community desperately needs representing. I am impressed by his “green” jobs plan and look forward to having him as our congressman.

James Lane, Washougal

Recognizing those who serve

This week we were fortunate to have members of the Camas Fire Department and the City of Camas garbage collection team visit with the Zion Lutheran Church Vacation Bible School participants.

Capt. Kevin Villines, Victor and Wade of IAFF 2444 shared time and a wealth of information with our young people. Cal shared Camas’s new garbage truck with us and expertly fielded all sorts of questions.

It is wonderful to live in a community that values young people and service. We appreciate the service of our city employees and all who serve. It is delightful to dwell in Camas.

Bree Truax, Zion Lutheran Church

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