Letters to the Editor for May 15, 2012

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Camas schools will be unbalanced

I would like to voice my concern over how the Camas School District is squandering away a rare opportunity to create a well-balanced socioeconomic student body population among all of its elementary and middle schools.

Instead of working to secure the success of the new Woodburn Elementary School and its student body, it appears that the Citizen’s Advisory Committee is creating a more unbalanced socioeconomic student body than Camas has ever experienced. For instance, there will be over a 20 percent differential between Woodburn Elementary (the least balanced school) and Grass Valley Elementary based on published district data. Why, when all the boundaries are being redrawn, are we setting this new school up for failure, creating an even more unbalanced environment for the students most at need?

Let’s seize the opportunity to ensure Woodburn’s success by making its student body a reflection of the student bodies at existing Camas schools; those which provide our children with such a great education.

Michelle Wagner, Washougal