Shop local this holiday season

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Most of us of us have seen the deluge of national commercials advertising “door buster sales,” and heard catchy slogans designed to lure shoppers to buy, buy, buy. It’s holiday shopping season, and the multi-million dollar companies are all competing for the money in our pockets.

But there’s another campaign going on, and this one isn’t quite as flashy, there are no bright lights, electronic billboards or jingles, but it proposes an opportunity that has the potential to deliver a positive punch into the local economy.

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is what’s being referred to as “Shop Local Saturday.” It’s an effort to encourage people to choose their local “mom and pop” businesses in addition to the national big box retail chains. And there are lots of good reasons to do so.

Small businesses are truly the heart of the community, and this is especially true in Camas and Washougal. They employ local people, support local causes, and maybe most importantly they are our neighbors working to earn a living by providing what are often unique, custom and high quality services and products.

As each of us decides how to spend the money in our holiday budgets, keep the local Camas and Washougal based businesses in mind. They do so much for our communities and they’ve got so much to offer.