Letters to the Editor for Oct. 23, 2012

Support Adrian Cortes

As Olympia becomes more partisan, now more than ever we need real problem solvers that can work with everyone.

Adrian Cortes has been a tireless community advocate and volunteer.

He is focused on finding ways to solve problems, not making political points. He has real-life experiences running successful small businesses, raising a family, continuing his own education, becoming a certified care-taker for his disabled sister, volunteering throughout the community, and working for us every day as a member of the Battle Ground City Council.

Adrian has a clear record of stepping into leadership positions, taking on challenges and exceeding expectations.

Join my family in supporting Adrian Cortes for 18th Legislative District Representative, Position 1.

Angie Dalesandro, Battle Ground

‘Freedom’ can be a vague term

As the nation prepares to return to power the party that brought us two undeclared (and unpaid for) wars based on lies, has turned its back on working people and the middle class in order to protect the interests of the wealthy few, that allowed the destruction of the economy for working people then provided bailouts for the banks and corporations responsible (who continue to enjoy huge, record profits), it’s worth noting how these right wing conservatives like to throw around the word “freedom” – and yet, they’re very vague when it comes to defining that term.

I would point out that if you don’t know where your next meal is coming from, you are not free.

If your job can disappear tomorrow and be shipped to China or India, you are not free.

If you are in danger of losing your home – or don’t have one – you are not free.

If you can be bankrupted by medical costs, or have no access to treatment when you are ill or injured, you are not free.

If you have no access to knowledge and a decent education, you are not free.

If you don’t have access to clean air and water, you are not free.

These are not my original ideas. They were outlined over 70 years ago by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

But go ahead, America – keep listening to the bombardment of propaganda paid for by Koch Industries and billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and foreign corporations based in China and India and even Canada. Go ahead and hand the country over to Romney and his tea-party corporatists.

At least you’ll feel good beating your chest, waving the flag and chanting “patriotic” slogans, even as our roads and bridges continue to crumble, our schools fall apart, and your children are going hungry – or being shipped off to wars overseas fought on behalf of Exxon-Mobil.

KJ McElrath, Camas