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Yesterday, an event that took place thousands of miles away, shook this country — deeply.

As of this morning, reports are that three people were killed, including an 8-year-old boy, and more than 175 people were injured when two bombs detonated near the finish line of the popular Boston Marathon.

While the elite runners had already finished the race, reports indicate that at the time the explosions hit — just more than 4 hours into the race — many of those crossing the finish line were people running for charitable causes. Some were fulfilling lifelong dreams of completing what many consider to be one of the ultimate physical challenges.

We hope that our community’s Boston Marathon runners, Daniel L. Lyne, Anita Burkard, Dolly A. Fisher Bales, and Dan M. Reed, all of Camas, and Derek J. O’Quinn and Dana J. Seekins, both of Washougal, are all safe, without any serious injuries.

There are no adequate words to describe the tragic nature of this event, and the emotional impact it will have on those involved. But along with the many disturbing facts that have already been revealed about this attack, there have also been stories of great bravery and kindness.

The stories of death, injury and loss associated with the Boston Marathon bombings will continue to unfold in the days to come. Even for those of us who were thousands of miles away when it happened, it will be difficult to watch and read about.

But right along side those stories will be heroic tales of survival and heroism. As Americans have demonstrated when faced with tragedy and terrorism in the past, these are the stories that will lead the country’s recovery and illustrate its resiliency.