Expect a busy election season

Now that the Primary Election has come to a close, local political watchers have begun to eye the upcoming General Election. And based on the number of candidates and issues that will be on the ballot, it’s going to be a busy election season.

In Camas and Washougal alone, there will be multiple city council and school board races on the ballot. There will also be a mayoral election in Washougal, and two East County Fire and Rescue commissioner positions will be up for grabs.

ECFR has also offered up a capital projects bond for voters to decide on, and the City of Washougal will ask citzens to make the call on a highly controversial issue that has the potential to completely change the structure within which its government operates. And then there’s the addition of the Clark County Charter Freeholder elections, which has produced a slew of candidates for voters to pick from in each district.

Auditor Greg Kimsey recently stated that this ballot has the potential to be more packed with issues and candidate races than any other in Clark County history.

In the end, what this all means is that citizens will want to take the time to be educated voters.

Among the resources will be the Post-Record. During the next two months prior to the Nov. 5 General Election, the local community newspaper will be offering up articles, information and details about all of the issues and candidates.

There will also likely be candidate forums, open houses and other events put on by community groups to offer opportunities for voters to learn, process and understand.

It could seem like a daunting process for voters, but when it comes right down to it, the people and issues that appear on the ballot have the potential to impact the local communities greatly. And what better reason could there be to take the time to make educated and informed decisions?