Letter to the Editor for Aug. 13, 2013

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Citizen wants answers to coal train issues

Washougal was my home for 52 years until my recent retirement. I still feel that Washougal is my home town.

The thoughts of flying coal dust and possible oil leaks into the Columbia River from the proposed Midwest shipments are frightening.

But there in another big problem that will affect all the cities and towns along the train tracks. With these seemingly endless 100-plus trains proceeding to the proposed export docks in Vancouver and Bellingham, and returning to the coal and oil fields in the east, tremendous traffic jams will stop traffic in both Camas and Washougal. All the towns along the tracks with their one overpass each over the railroad tracks, will have the same situation.

Have the Camas and Washougal city councils and the port commissioners studied this problem?

And due to the traffic holdups, will the two towns be split into two shopping/living areas, north and south Camas and Washougal? Or do the two cities need to construct two more overpass/bridges each to take care of the traffic? (But this still wouldn’t take care of the coal dust and oil spills).

And the final question: What benefit will Camas and Washougal get from these proposed coal and oil trains?

I hope there are some answers.

Bernice Pluchos, Vancouver

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