Letters to the Editor for Aug. 20, 2013

EIS will look at bigger picture

This is a letter about the EIS for the proposed coal export terminal in Bellingham.

Recently there has been a debate about shipping coal through the Pacific Northwest. The coal would travel from Wyoming through the Columbia River Gorge and up the coast to the proposed Cherry Point Terminal in Bellingham. This terminal would be the largest in North America and require about 18 trainloads of coal a day to travel through here.

This is a huge undertaking and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is required. The coal companies want the EIS to cover the effects of the terminal only where it is located, in Bellingham. However, most people realize its effects will be more far-reaching and will certainly affect us in Camas and Washougal as well as people and businesses along the entire route of the trains.

There were several hearings about this; the agencies involved received thousands of comments from local government officials and concerned citizens. Finally, those agencies decided the EIS should look at the bigger picture, not just the impacts around Bellingham. This was announced Aug. 1, 2013. I think it is very good news for us and am grateful to everyone who took part in making it happen. This issue could affect our health and economic well-being and I am glad our concerns will be addressed.

Diana Gordon, Washougal

Rivers, Pike are quality people

Here is a response to the recent editorial “Is today’s gridlock turning off tomorrow’s leaders?”

“So, what if these young people see so many power struggles, so much political posturing, nastiness and gridlock at all levels that they are deciding not to waste their time getting involved in public service.”

Have you read Robert Caro’s thorough history of LBJ’s public service? The Path to Power, The Means of Ascent, and Master of the Senate will show you real power and nastiness.

Read the history of the Kennedy family or J. Edgar Hoover. Read about FDR — threatening to pack the supreme court, forever changing our nation.

We are extremely well served by Sen. Ann Rivers and Rep. Liz Pike. They are quality people of the finest character.

The people did not want light rail or tolls, yet “some” elected officials ignored the voters. Jim Moeller sued his own constituents to stop a vote on light rail.

I am truly grateful for the service of Ann and Liz. They have held more town halls and opportunities for people to express their concerns than any other elected officials I have encountered in my 20 years in Clark County.

We need more quality people like them in our government. Young people would do well to emulate them.

John Ley, Camas