Summer’s end stirs mixed emotions

With warm summer weather still basking our area and school age children enjoying summer activities, it’s hard to grasp the fact that the first day of school is less than a week away.

But that’s exactly where we are on the calendar as summer begins to wind down. The first day of school in Camas and Washougal is next Tuesday, Sept. 3.

For students, parents, teachers and school staff, the thoughts and emotions that come to mind this time of year likely range from sadness to eager enthusiasm for the new school year. Most students, for example, would probably be glad to take another month of vacation, in exchange for returning to the classroom with the September sun still shining bright.

Other students, who have missed friends and the challenge of classroom projects, are likely to welcome next Tuesday as the day to finally shake the summer doldrums.

Parents as well will be sure to have mixed emotions about the unofficial end of summer. While the time they can share with their children on vacations and weekend outings becomes more limited, they can welcome a return to more structured days as a family. And they can feel good that their children are once again striving for a good education.

As for teachers and school staff? With the quality teachers and staff that Camas and Washougal school districts are lucky to have, one would assume that overall they are mostly eager and enthusiastic for the school year to start. Yes, they too may occasionally wish for the long summer days to continue. But the overwhelming majority of these dedicated educators have proven that they are ready and raring to go come the first day of school.

Camas and Washougal residents should feel fortunate to live in an area where education is given such a high priority. We should feel proud of the quality school districts that serve our community. Those are comforting thoughts for us to ponder as we reluctantly say goodbye to the warm, lazy days of summer.