Letters to the Editor for Feb. 5, 2013

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Levy dollars benefit Camas kids

I heard a comment the other day that got me a little rankled. After seeing the “Vote Camas Schools” signs the comment was “Here they go again, asking for more money. Didn’t they just do this a little while ago?”

As a transplant from the Oregon school system some years ago, I felt I had to respond. We are all aware of the difficult times many have had during the last economic downturn, but we have all been through times that have tested us and we have come through better for it.

The reason we did is because we kept our eye on the prize; we looked ahead and did not stop where we were. And so it is with the schools. We cannot assume that we have accomplished everything and rest on our laurels.

This community should be proud of the support it has given its schools, and it is because of that support that we have achieved so much. But as we progress, things around us progress too. It is our responsibility to keep pace or we, and more important our children and grandchildren, will be left behind.

The money the school district is asking for is not new money. It is not a new tax. It is a continuation of funding that is about to expire. It is funding that we all agreed to three years ago and it is about to run out.

The state of Washington provides money for its schools but as you are all aware, our legislators have steadily cut those funds to meet other obligations. This levy provides the funding to fill the gap between what the state provides and what it actually costs to educate our kids. These dollars stay right here, we don’t have to share them with other school districts.

By maintaining a superior school system, we send our kids out into the world better prepared. We also attract better teachers and attract parents who are looking for a school system they can support. In the end we all win.

So be a winner. Support the continuation of the 2013 maintenance and operations levy and the technology levy. It will make you feel good.

Chuck Martin, Camas

Public state bank will create jobs

A public state bank could create between 7,400 and 10,700 jobs in Washington. Now, profit from our state tax money is being used to create jobs in foreign countries by a Wall Street bank. That money could be used to fund jobs in Washington.

North Dakota has a public state bank. They have the lowest unemployment in the U.S. and rising wages.

This month, Washington state senators will vote on creating a public state bank, Washington Investment Trust. This is to be managed for the benefit of the people of Washington state. It will work with local banks and credit unions to fund local businesses, college loans, farmers and infrastructure.

Please call your state senators and ask them to vote yes on SB 5029, for a bank that benefits us. For more information, go to

Jane McAloman, Vancouver

Volunteers working hard

I have moved down the river to The Quarry in Vancouver. Last Friday, Feb. 1, a bus load of my new acquaintances were able to get a “sneak preview” of the Two Rivers Heritage Museum in Washougal three days before their grand re-opening.

Wow! Have those museum members been working. Volunteers have been busy scrubbing, painting, and setting up new displays in the main rooms and the barn since Christmas. All six display rooms were sparkling. Lois and Jim Cobb, volunteers who conducted our guided tours, were so informative and welcoming to us.

Bernice Pluchos, Vancouver

Liberty Theatre should stick with water and soda

I read online that the operators of the Liberty Theatre were wanting the state to grant them an alcohol permit for consuming beer and wine during movies.

Really? If you want a beer or wine during the movie, you won’t be able to sit where you want.

The ones that will probably be drinking the most are young adults. And young adults get loud and rowdy when they drink.

I see many problems stemming from alcohol in the theater, including the loud and rowdy behavior, yelling exchanges, fights, and, heaven forbid, someone falling from the balcony. There’s too many chances for lawsuits, damages and injuries.

I think it would be prudent to stick with bottled water and soda pop.

Fred King, Washougal

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