Letters to the Editor for May 14, 2013

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Concerns about state testing

I have a big concern that the Camas School District does not tell parents that they can refuse to subject their children to testing designed by politicians and corporate interests.

The Measurements of Student Progress state testing information is misleading at best. The test does absolutely nothing to assist the individual student or the student’s teacher in identifying deficiencies. I say this because the results are not made available until the following year.

As controversial as these tests and Common Core are, I find it unacceptable that these tests are administered to children without fully advising parents of their rights. Parents and students do have the right to refuse to take these tests. I won’t go into the tons of studies and commentaries from educators on these tests and Common Core as a whole.

When the U.S. Secretary of Education even admits that these high pressure tests are flawed and inappropriate, why do we still subject out children to this mad science known as Common Core?

I sent this link to the school district’s Facebook page:

It concerns me that the district sees no value in educating the parents on controversial issues concerning their students.

Richard Braskett, Camas

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