Profiling an ‘American Hero’

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World War II concentration camps. It’s a period time in history that most of us today can barely imagine, and probably wouldn’t want to due to the truth of its sheer disturbing brutality.

One longtime Camas resident, however, has carried those memories with him throughout his 89 years of life. George Willis was part of the Army’s Rainbow Division in the 42nd Infantry Brigade. He battled Nazi soldiers and was among those from the United States military that helped liberate the Dachau concentration camp in Germany. He stayed at the camp for six months to treat sick prisoners and feed them, as well as implement health and sanitation measures.

A friend describes Willis as an “American hero.”

Willis’ compelling life as part of what is often described as “The Greatest Generation,” is profiled in the “Senior Focus” pages inside today’s Post-Record. Readers will also find information about Camas and Washougal senior citizens’ volunteer activities that run the gamut — from trekking through the wilderness to help find people who are lost or injured as part of Silver Star Search and Rescue, to spending time in the Washougal Community Library organizing books and activities.

This is the second edition of the Senior Focus, a recent addition to the Post-Record’s annual special section lineup. It’s provided a chance to highlight some of the amazing and accomplished people ages 55 and older who call Camas and Washougal home.