A day to remember

Elementary schools are special places in the hearts and minds of youngsters who fill their classrooms.

It’s often a child’s first experience with having teachers, classrooms, classmates and homework. They learn how to be good friends and responsible students, and they also receive that initial critical base education that serves as the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Even after students conclude their 13 years of public education and head off to college, it’s often those warm, comfortable and loving elementary school memories that are among the most prominent and special.

Camas and Washougal elementary school classrooms live up to all of these expectations — each one seems to possess its own set of unique characteristics and qualities. One of the area’s most established — Lacamas Heights Elementary — will soon celebrate 50 years in existence. Although the Camas city limits have slowly inched west toward and now even beyond the school over the years, it has maintained its small-town school feel. At the same time, its design and curriculum remain innovative and fresh. In fact, when it opened in 1963 Lacamas Heights was designed with modern education principles in mind. The pod-style design and removable walls support team teaching techniques, and over the years the school has continued to build on its cutting edge educational programming and technology.

As detailed in an article in today’s Post-Record, Lacamas Heights’ past and present will be celebrated on Jan. 17, with two events that will bring together current and former teachers, principals, students and families.

It’s a day that will no doubt become one of those special memories that the elementary school’s youngsters will remember for a lifetime.