Letters to the Editor for July 1, 2014

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Does VA system need to be changed?

I’m going to get in hot water on this one but what the heck. When one feels strongly about something I guess it’s worth the exposure.

I served in the Navy during World War II- Pacific area – for about 2 1/2 years. That time served earned me the benefit of a fully paid four years college education. What a deal. There were thousands of vets who participated in that G.I. Bill program. It was of tremendous benefit not only to the vets, but to our country. The program educated a generation of young Americans who had spent their usual college years in war related activities. That was a benefit worthy of the effort and time spent under somewhat difficult circumstances.

Now, did my service also earn me the right to life long medical benefits for health problems unrelated to my military service? Well, I guess you could call me a bit naive but I don’t think so. But the truth of the matter is, as I understand it, any time in excess of 180 days spent in military service to our country qualifies “you” for full medical benefits for life. With this in mind, is it not understandable why our VA hospitals are overwhelmed? I recently read that 57,000 new applicants have registered for free VA medical services and are demanding that they be seen in 14 days. Hells bells, I can’t be seen by my local provider in 14 days unless I call an ambulance and show up at the emergency room with all lights flashing.

I was always under the assumption that the VA health program – facilities – was there to take care of our veterans with service related health problems and retired career military. That does not seem to be the case and it is a sad commentary that they must suffer the consequences of an over utilized system that prevents them from being taken care of in the “14 day standard.” Is there enough money in our national bank to solve this problem of medical care to veterans as it is currently mandated or is it the mandate that needs changing?

Hello Senator.

John Raynor, Camas

No petty political maneuvering for Briggs

It appears the M&M Boys were up to their usual shenanigans by dragging their feet in appointing a Democrat to replace Steve Stuart on the Board of County Commissioners. Good luck to Ed Barnes in working with these guys.

I find it reassuring to know that, if Mike Briggs is elected to be a representative from the 18th District, he would never delay important decisions by petty political maneuvering.

Esther Schrader, Vancouver

Re-elect Brandon Vick

It is my pleasure to support the reelection of Brandon Vick for State Representative in the 18th Legislative District.

Brandon was raised in Clark County and is a tremendous voice for our community. I had the honor of meeting Rep. Vick during his first legislative session. He is genuine, open, positive, and willing to fight hard on your behalf. His loyalty to his community is without equal and he understands the values of our community well. Rep. Brandon Vick has not missed a single meeting or vote in his first term. He is the only member in his caucus to currently sit on six committees. His voting record speaks volumes and reflects the values of our community as he fights for small business, job growth, families and responsible government. I cannot think of anyone more suited to represent our community in the Washington State House of Representatives. The primary election is just over a month away and we deserve a strong leader in state government.

Re-electing Brandon Vick will ensure our voice is heard in Olympia.

Jessica Mohr, Vancouver

Atkins leads and encourages

Chuck Atkins is a true leader. I’ve been in Chuck’s presence when he has made critical life and death decisions. His leadership has emboldened and encouraged me, as well as my law enforcement colleagues.

Chuck has a proven record of leadership and integrity which is why I,and virtually all law enforcement in Clark County, is supporting him for

Clark County Sheriff.

Jason Granneman, La Center

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