‘Help find Anji’

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It’s a tragic story. One that many are hoping and praying has a happy ending.

Angelic “Anji” Dean, who recently completed her junior year at Camas High School, disappeared from her west Camas home late in the evening on Monday, June 23. Nobody has seen or heard a word from her since. She’s sent no text messages, and made no credit card transactions, phone calls or posts on social media that anyone can trace.

Many of the things that were important to the teenager — her massive makeup case, her prescription glasses, her clothes, her artwork — all remain at her home.

At this time, the investigation has led law enforcement officials to believe that she may be the victim of human sex trafficking. A situation that, whether we want to believe it or not, is sadly becoming more and more common in communities located along the I-5 corridor.

During the past week, the efforts to find Anji have intensified. News coverage has shined a spotlight on the issue, and through social media channels this teen’s story is reaching people across the United States. These efforts must continue.

Anji is a young girl, not unlike many in our community. She has gotten herself into what appears to be an incredibly dangerous situation. In addition to the expertise of law enforcement, it will take the community to share her story and her picture, to help find her and bring her home to her family.

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