A focus on health and wellness

Caring for the body and mind. These are topics that are so important, yet are so often ignored by many of us on a daily basis.

Often, it takes a serious health scare to make us realize that life just isn’t the same if we’re not healthy in a holistic sense of the word.

With a focus on living happy, healthy and fulfilling lives, inside today’s Post-Record readers will find the Health & Wellness for Life special section.

Included are a wide variety of articles about people who have worked their way back from debilitating injuries, a group of citizens who are working to make sure our youth are staying drug and alcohol free, and women and men who are taking control of their physical health.

There are also profiles of local athletic activities ranging from paddleboarding to half-marathon races, information about how our public schools and work places are tackling the obesity issue, and details what our neighbors, young and old, are doing to improve their own quality of life.

It’s a peek into how each one of us can work to be healthy and well for life.