Exhausted but accomplished

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Happy and accomplished, but rightfully exhausted faces were on display Saturday during the 11th annual Student Stride for Education at Washougal High School’s Fishback Stadium.

Hundreds of children from kindergarten through high school participated in the eight different races that have become part of the popular local event, which is a major fundraiser for the Washougal Schools Foundation. The organization provides grants to fund projects and events that directly benefit students in Washougal School District classrooms.

The competitive juices were flowing as youngsters raced to cross the finish line, earning a medal and a high-five from the Stride Cat.

In addition to being an important fundraiser for the WSF, this kind of event offers what many experts say are the keys to instilling in children an interest in health and fitness that can last a lifetime: finding an activity your child enjoys and making it fun and exciting. Another important factor, the Stride gives parents the opportunity to participate in an activity with their children. Whether walking or running, there were hundreds of parents and other family members and friends who joined the effort and laced up their tennis shoes for the cause.

In the end, $12,000 was raised thanks to the participants and sponsors involved in the event. It is funding that will have impacts throughout the district, in classrooms from elementary to high schools. And hopefully, the Student Stride will also have impacts beyond the classroom, namely onthe health and fitness of our kids.