Deja Vu Camas owner prepares to close shop

Sherrill Traviss will continue to work in the fashion industry

A local consignment boutique that sells women’s clothing and accessories will close Wednesday, after being in business for more than a decade.

Sherrill Traviss and her husband, Dean, have owned Deja Vu Camas since 2004.

“My plans are to get my life in order after living an extremely fast paced life of working 65 to 80 hours a week,” she said. “It’s time to smell the roses for a while.”

That will include spending more time with her family and friends and traveling.

This is not a retirement for Traviss. She plans to sell some of the store’s inventory at

In addition to the online store, Traviss will provide window displays on a freelance basis, stage boutiques, organize women’s closets, help organize fashion shows and act.

“I have a lot to keep me busy so I won’t be going directly into one full time position, but one of these many things just may turn (out to) be my calling or lead me to my dream job,” she said.

Traviss plans to use the marketing and business skills she has acquired while owning the shop.

“The best thing is all the wonderful friends I have made in my 11 years at Deja Vu, and I hope to spend more time with them and/or continue business relationships with them in the future,” she said.

Deja Vu Camas, 726 N.E. Second Ave., has bridal wear, shoes, purses, jewelry and formal wear, as well as women’s career and casual clothing.

The store is open today and Wednesday, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, contact Traviss at 834-1771 or or visit

Opus School of Music will open in June

Sherrill and Dean have sold their building to Rob Melton, the owner/director of Opus School of Music.

This will be an expansion of the school, which already has a location at 414 Pioneer St., Ridgefield.

There are plans to renovate the building.

Melton hopes to begin offering music lessons in June. Options include guitar, piano, voice, drums, bass, woodwinds, banjo, brass and ukulele.

Musical instrument sales and rentals will also be available.

Melton is a professor at Washington State University-Vancouver, where he teaches music appreciation, rock history and electronic music classes.

For more information, call 521-1579, email or visit