A pledge for a better election season

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In an unusual turn of events, in a joint statement the two candidates running in the general election for the Board of Clark County Councilors chair position have made a public commitment to running campaigns that are free of what they describe as “hyperbole, personal attacks and nasty political rhetoric.”

These are all words that can aptly describe what many campaigns both locally and nationally, are often reduced to particularly when it comes down to the final push leading up to election day.

The candidates who have made this pledge, non-partisan Marc Boldt and democrat Mike Dalesandro, were separated by just a few votes in the primary. Current counts have Dalesandro with 17,137 votes, and Boldt right behind with 17,133. That means in the general election they will be working to earn the support of voters who cast their ballots for the three Republicans who were also part of the primary — Jeanne Stewart, David Madore and Tom Mielke.

According to the candidates’ statement, “They, and their campaign teams, affirm that they will focus on issues surrounding Clark County governance and their own experience and abilities. Both candidates look forward to productive discussions about the role of chair of the Clark County Council, and how that position can serve the citizens of Clark County.”
Without a doubt, many voters have become disillusioned with the way some campaigns play dirty when it comes to politics. It is not the norm to simply debate the issues, without including a few jabs here and there.

If Boldt and Dalesandro stay true to this pledge they have made early in the election season, it will be a nice change of pace. In truth, it will benefit voters who might actually have the opportunity to get a clear look at how the candidates stand on the issues without extraneous information muddying the waters.
We will be watching closely to see if that really happens.