Letters to the Editor for Dec. 15, 2015

Support the Feb. 9 school bond

We are writing to voice our support for the Camas School District capital projects bond that will be on the ballot Feb. 9.

When our family moved to Clark County almost 11 years ago, foremost on our list for choosing a community to call home was a vibrant school system for our two young daughters.

After investigating the many excellent communities in Southwest Washington, we chose Camas above all others because of the schools. High test scores were not the factor that led us to this decision. It was the impressive, engaging and welcoming principals and staff we met at three different elementary schools while on school tours, coupled with apparent and visible parent-volunteers.

Significantly and importantly, our research revealed Camas’ long history of passing bonds and levies to support its schools. We have lived in a community where this was not the case, and saw first hand how students suffered from the effects of inadequate facilities and educational resources.

Over the years, we have met so many people, who, like our family in choosing to call Camas home, made their decision based on our exceptional schools. Whether you have children in the school system or not, supporting the Camas School District capital projects bond keeps one of the most important pillars of our community rock-solid, creating a foundation for the next generation of students and community members.

Moreover, excellent schools attract businesses to start and relocate to Camas, such as we have seen in our flourishing downtown, in turn driving revenue for our city, strong home values and a place for all to gather, shop, eat and enjoy.

Please join us in voting “yes” on Feb. 6 and in doing so, continue enabling quality facilities and the modern learning environment our growing community needs to provide our students the best opportunity to maximize their potential as contributing members of our local community and beyond.

Buzz and Suzy Truitt, Camas

City workers help keep neighborhoods safe

As we watch the water pouring down the roads, we have to give a special thanks to all of the Camas/Washougal city workers who are out working while we are toasty warm in our home.

It is easy to grouse about the cost of city services because we are often unaware of them on a daily basis.

When the weather turns, the city services are on display. Sometimes they are playing catch up when storms occur before drain cleaning is complete and, yes, drains can clog before they can get to them.

Overall, we are grateful to the workers out in the rain cleaning the drains to keep the streets and neighborhoods safe.

Keep up the good work.

Mark and Carolyn Swenson, Camas