WorkSource, Clark College combine resources

On-site help will be available at the main campus

"We're excited about the additional opportunities this will provide for our students and employers."

-- Edie Blakely

We’re excited about the additional opportunities this will provide for our students and employers.”

— Edie Blakely

In a move that will bring enhanced employment services, access to training funds and job openings to students, the Southwest Washington Workforce Development Council and Clark College have entered into an agreement to have a WorkSource employee on-site at the college.

In May, Clark College became a WorkSource Connection Site, providing office space in its Career Services Center for a WorkSource staff member to be on-hand at the college full-time.

“Clark College and WorkSource serve the same people; individuals seeking training and education to obtain living wage jobs,” said Jeanne Bennett, SWWDC’s CEO. “By collaborating, aligning our services and making them available on campus, we ensure more students can access and benefit from WorkSource programs. Additionally, the WorkSource Business Services team is always looking for the best talent to match with open positions. Clark College is a great source of talent and they have a strong Career Services Office.”

Having WorkSource’s employment services at the college will enable both organizations to leverage resources to bring services to people who need them where they are already receiving other services. Students will benefit from WorkSource’s knowledge of business needs, job openings and changing training requirements.

By collaborating, SWWDC and Clark College hope to increase opportunities for students to obtain no-cost training and access to WorkSource services while also streamlining the process of connecting employers with job candidates who are qualified and ready to work.

Students visiting WorkSource at Clark College can receive career and training guidance to help them find and obtain jobs; learn about job openings and internships that WorkSource is helping local employers fill; apply for industry-recognized training programs and, if eligible, for financial assistance.

They can also create employment plans aligned with their educational plans; research labor market data to learn about demand for the jobs they’re considering; develop job search techniques; and enroll in Workforce Investment Act programs and other no-cost training or education programs.

“As we prepare students for entry into the workforce, having WorkSource located here in Career Services will enable us to connect more students to funding resources to help them pay for additional training,” said Edie Blakely, Clark College’s director of career services. “We’re excited about the additional opportunities this will provide for our students and employers.”

The WorkSource office at Clark College is open Monday and Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Wednesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to noon. It is located in the Penguin Union Building, room 002.