Letters to the Editor for Oct. 20, 2015

Dalesandro will be an exceptional leader

I’ve known Mike for over eight years. I have witnessed how he approaches issues with a sense of humility, sincere appreciation for different perspectives, and overall genuineness as a vested community member.

Additionally, I have developed a good friendship with Mike and I have seen his dedication to his family, his work, and his quest for self-improvement.

I am supporting and voting for Dalesandro for Clark County Council Chair because he will utilize these aforementioned qualities in a manner that will provide exceptional leadership to our local county government; these abilities are sorely needed across the political spectrum.

Adrian E. Cortes, Battle Ground

Hazen is an active, involved citizen

I am writing this letter in support of Tim Hazen for re-election to the Camas City Council.

Tim has been an outstanding representative for the citizens of Camas on the council since 2011. As a business owner and chief operating officer, he brings a strong set of management skills to the council. Tim does through research on key topics brought before the council before making decisions.

Beyond the city council, Tim is very active throughout the community. For years, he has been a key organizer for the Camas Days Parade. He supports the Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Camas Association activities.

The only fault I find with Tim is that he supports the Oregon Ducks. Please join me in overlooking that fact and vote to re-elect Hazen on the Camas City Council.

Steve Hogan, Camas

Coursey is the right choice

Dan Coursey is the right choice for Washougal City Council.

Dan’s commitment to small government and low taxes and his background as a financial analyst and system engineer will keep a lid on city fees and taxes that families are already struggling to keep up with.

His passion to promote Washougal to small businesses as the best place to grow with a city that encourages entrepreneurship will bring much needed economic development our town.

Dan wants to keep Washougal a great place to raise a family and that is why he is against bringing “Pot Shops” to our town. We can see the negative effects marijuana has on communities by looking at what is happening in Colorado; increased regular use by teens, teen arrests for marijuana in schools are up, and increased traffic deaths caused by marijuana. Dan is committed to keeping Washougal a safe and positive place to raise children.

Please join me in supporting Dan Coursey for Washougal City Council.

Dan Schaefer, Washougal

Do not vote for Pike

You can’t help noticing signs along the roads asking a write-in vote for Liz Pike. (Even more signs than for David Madore in the primary.)

We do not live in Ms. Pike’s district, so we have not followed her legislative career, but we do know a bit about her ideas for Clark County.

Ms. Pike was one of a half-dozen candidates who came to a candidates forum to solicit votes for her to the 15-person committee drafting a County Charter.

Each candidate had his or her own viewpoint, but they all wanted an effective government for the county, one that would help its citizens, and not answer to special interests.

Ms. Pike was the exception. She did not suggest anything for the Charter, but said she stood for “less government.” It seemed as if she had come to the wrong meeting. It was as if the U.S. founding fathers had come together not to write a constitution for their “more perfect union.”

She was elected to the Charter committee, but voted against the Charter, which was subsequently approved by the voters. Now, however, she wishes to be Council Chair in the form of government she opposed.

She is endorsed by the Republican Party. “Less government” is a principle of many Republicans, and we have a daily reminder of what that means in the negative, do-nothing Congress of the United States that they control. In the primary election, all the Republican candidates for chair were eliminated, notably two who served as commissioners.

It seems that the voters did not approve of the commission as it was, and wanted a fresh start with the new charter. Ms. Pike seems to us the candidate most likely to provide only the old “business as usual.”

Richard Hamlet, Corinne McWilliams, Camas