Letters to the Editor for Sept. 22, 2015

Marijuana sales in Camas are unwelcome

The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy is opposed to the legalization of marijuana because doing so “runs counter to a health and safety approach to drug policy” and normalizes the drug’s use of in society. Contrary to the rhetoric and distortions heard from marijuana proponents, the ONDCP’s position is evidence based, relying on the drug’s negative consequence statistics.

Unfortunately, on Sept. 15, the Camas Planning Commission voted 3-2 in favor of recommending marijuana sales for Camas. Commissioners Lloyd Goodlett, Troy Hull and Jim Short voted for; Chair Bryan Beel and Jaima Johnson against. Frank Hood and Timothy Hein were absent.

The law allows Camas to ban the sale of marijuana and so we should. Camas cares, and an increased prevalence of the drug in the city is unwelcome.

Dan Duringer, Camas

Dalesandro deserves your vote

Our Home Rule Charter directs the County Chair to preside over council meetings and efficiently conduct council business.

Mike Dalesandro’s experience on the Battle Ground City Council make him perfectly suited to this task.

Mike will see that consent agendas are non-controversial, citizen testimony is politely received, and 30-minute lectures from the chair are eliminated.

The Charter officially designates the chair as the county’s spokesperson and representative.

Watch Dalesandro at taped interviews and forums and you will see that he is clear thinking and articulate. Dalesandro has no self-centered personal agenda, no political ax to grind, no revenge to seek. He will work fairly, tirelessly, and well to serve Clark County citizens. He deserves your vote.

Elizabeth Campbell, Vancouver

Coursey is the right choice

I support and endorse Dan Coursey for Washougal City Council.

Dan is a fiscal conservative who will be a strong advocate for Washougal residents and Washougal businesses. Dan understands that a city needs to provide basic services including roads, parks, and public safety. He wants to attract new business to Washougal while maintaining the rural character of the city.

Dan Coursey is the right choice for Washougal City Council.

Mike Cooke, Vancouver