Neighbors helping neighbors

People helping people. Neighbors helping neighbors. Families helping families.

This kind of mind-set is present, and has positively impacted the lives of men, women and children in Camas and Washougal who are homeless, hungry and in great need.

The examples are all around.

In today’s Post-Record is the story of Rick James. This local man was simply walking in downtown Washougal one day, saw a homeless woman, and decided he needed to do something about it. This led to the creation of “His Presents,” an organization that builds tiny houses for homeless men and women. The simple structures, now located at several area churches, provide protection from the elements — a safe place to fall for those who have nowhere to go.

One tiny home at a time, he is making an impact.

Meanwhile in Camas, businesses like Temple Financial and WaferTech are leading by example, encouraging their employees to give donations of time, food, gifts and money to benefit assistance organizations such as the Camas-Washougal Fire Department’s Christmas Activities Relief Organization Limited, Clark County Sheriff’s Office Santa’s Posse and the Inter-service Walk & Knock.

One donation at a time, these businesses are making an impact.

On Sunday, compassion and caring will be on display in Washougal, as dozens of volunteers will be serving a Christmas dinner and handing out gifts to anyone who shows up at the community center, 1681 “C” St., between 3 and 6 p.m.

One meal at a time, these volunteers are making an impact.

Collectively, these kinds of efforts are creating change here in Camas-Washougal, one person, one neighbor and one family at a time.