Letters to the Editor for Feb. 2, 2016

Support an investment in the Camas community

I have been a part of the Camas community for over 13 years. I have seen our community grow and prosper and at the same time look toward a vibrant future.

As a thriving community we must plan and make investments for successful long-term growth. As a member of the Camas City Council I have seen first-hand how the partnership between the Camas School District and City of Camas has benefitted our community. While the school district’s boundaries are larger than our city, our shared vision and commitment to working together has complemented the growth and expansion of both entities.

Once again, it is time to make an investment in our community. I support the upcoming Camas School District bond initiative because it is a responsible, well thought-out plan that meets the challenges of anticipated growth now and into the future. As stewards of our tax dollars, the Camas School Board has made tough decisions that demonstrate financial responsibility while ensuring resources directly benefit our students.

The Camas School District has demonstrated they deliver on their promises; we have quality facilities in which we can all take pride.

As a parent, I have witnessed the advantages our kids enjoy through the education they receive in Camas. While my own children will graduate before most facility improvements identified in this bond are realized, I happily support this investment in our community as others supported past bonds from which my children reaped the benefits. This community’s priority must continue to be the investment in our young people. Their future and the type of future we shape for our community is at stake. It is a very worthwhile investment.

On Feb. 9, please join me in voting yes on the Camas School District Bond.

Shannon Turk, Camas

School bond is responsible

By now, most Camas residents are likely aware that the Camas School District will submit a $120 million bond measure to voters in February. As proud Papermaker alumni, whose grandchildren will be fifth generation Camas graduates, please join us in supporting kids and Camas schools by voting yes on Feb. 9.

The Camas School District has long-standing history of excellent schools and quality education. As realtors, we are well aware of the strong relationship between quality schools and our property values.

All one has to do is look at communities that have struggled to maintain their schools and it is very apparent what happens to home and business values within these communities. These long-term investments are crucial for maintaining our real estate values and will continue to attract the remarkable students and families that have long resided in our beautiful community.

On Feb. 9, please join us in voting yes on the Camas School District bond.

Steve and Linda Stoller, Camas

House bills do not take away sensible gun rights

Rep. Liz Pike’s, R-Camas, questionable reputation was sealed when she joined Councilor David Madore in spending well over $250,000 in a run for county chair. Mr. Madore has wasted almost a million dollars trying to buy political control in this county this past year.

Pike has gone back to her true self by opposing any common sense gun regulations. She is opposed to House Bill 1747, which creates the crime of child endangerment due to unsafe storage; House Bill 23472 which would allow the destruction of forfeited firearms; and House Bill 2460 which authorizes cities, counties etc., to restrict the possession of firearms in any designated public park space, libraries, community buses etc. She is also opposed to House Bill 2461, which would establish extreme risk protection orders to prevent an individual from accessing or purchasing firearms while that individual poses significant danger of harm.

None of these bills will take away your guns or stop you from purchasing more guns. These are just plain common sense bills.

Gale Beagle, Vancouver