Letters to the Editor for Feb. 9, 2016

CHS grad is thankful for her education

Growing up, it can be all too easy to take things for granted. It wasn’t until after I graduated from Camas High School and left for college, that I first realized not everyone gets to go to school in a district like Camas.

In fact, my exemplary schooling experience was rare — few kids spend their K-12 years in a single district that so passionately cares about its students and their families; not many are able to pursue art, sports, music, drama, robotics and more — all supported by an all-star staff and top quality facilities. Only some learn within buildings and classrooms where they feel safe, cared for and inspired. But students in Camas do, and that’s why I’m supporting the upcoming bond.

A yes vote on the bond is a vote to ensure that Camas students, for years to come, are able to enjoy the same excellent opportunities and experiences afforded to me.

In the six years since I graduated from CHS, I’ve been reminded time and again what a great foundation 12 years in Camas schools provided. From the confidence I developed participating in band, choir and drama, to the curiosity nurtured by my AP courses, I learned so much more as a Papermaker than just “reading, writing and arithmetic.”

Most significantly, I departed Camas with a pride in my K-12 education. College on the East Coast and grad school in London only reinforced my gratitude for this preparation. I am deeply appreciative that the community where I grew up recognized the importance of supporting our schools.

Camas School District has an outstanding record of capitalizing on and providing opportunities that help its students excel. If you, like me, don’t take that for granted, please join me in voting yes on the upcoming bond.

Emma Sagor, CHS Class of 2009

Bond will pave the way

It is said that a bond is for building and a levy is for learning. This is true when trying to establish the lines of how funds are allocated, but the building that is a product of a bond is made up of more than simple brick, steal and mortar.

Yes, the 2016 bond is about new buildings that will add value to our community, but most importantly it is about the greatest commodity our community has: Its people.

A school district is tasked with producing a commodity in this world like none other. Combined with the support of our community and parents, a school district has to equip human beings emotionally, physically and mentally to be productive assets in our world. The task is monumental and paramount to the success of our future; a task that we as a community have supported. Those are two reasons why I moved to and stay within Camas.

The 2016 bond will pave the way for new opportunities within our community. Our district’s tradition of providing excellence in education will be enhanced through added and differentiated learning opportunities for a wide range of ages in our community. I do not doubt that the quality and caring that I have experienced in my own children’s lives and those around me will continue to flourish through this bond.

Julie Rotz, Camas

Say ‘yes’ to Camas schools

The story of why we move to Camas may be different, but the reason we stay is the same.

We are a small town with a big community. Whether we have lived here for a year, a decade or a generation, we stand together. We have big dreams, long-standing traditions, and we celebrate our successes together. Papermaker pride is known throughout Washington state and beyond.

Camas schools continue to be the bedrock of our growing community. And now we have an opportunity to set a future course for a level of performance we’ve come to expect. When you vote yes for Camas schools in the February bond, you are saying:

Yes to state-of-the-art, inspiring buildings that will continue to make us proud and motivate our students to learn and grow;

Yes to the educational professionals that work here and talent we attract that their environment will be an uplifting and safe place to work; and

Yes to the growing number of students who are in Camas schools to be challenged with learning critical thinking skills in an exciting environment.

We stay in Camas because it’s a great place to live, work, learn and play. The Camas School District has provided an excellent education for so many and the Feb. 9 bond ballot asks us to continue to preserve that level of opportunity for future Camas students.

I am voting yes for Camas schools to grow and expand with learning opportunities in safe and inspired environments. I am voting yes for Camas schools because as our community grows, we stand together in support of our children and in support of each other.

Please join me in saying yes for Camas schools and maintaining the level of integrity, security and advancement in our district that we all take pride in.

Erika Cox, Camas