Momentum builds for downtown Washougal

There are some good vibes traveling from many different directions, straight into downtown Washougal.

Several years ago, a major local developer constructed new buildings and renovated others. Others began to take notice, and a popular Portland brewery moved its operation to downtown Washougal.

Other new businesses, including several restaurants, followed with owners who truly have had an enthusiasm for not only providing customers with unique and specialized products and services, but also specifically for the downtown Washougal community, and all it has the potential to become. They joined a handful of popular established businesses that over the years have collected a loyal following.

Couple those positive notes with elements including a renewed enthusiasm within the downtown to fund Reflection Plaza and now another potential new park, and it’s a recipe for a positive future in an area of the city that has seen its share of rough times.

And, even more good news appears to be on its way. Inside today’s Post-Record, an article details plans for renovations to the old Odd Fellows building on Main Street. Its owners were committed enough to downtown to sell their house, with plans to move into the historic building and also create space for additional apartments, a restaurant and shops.

This momentum in downtown Washougal, built slowly and steadily over many years, has reached a point not previously seen in at least the past two decades. Continued commitments from the city government, merchants and citizens will keep those good vibes coming.