Love through the lens

February’s Second Story Gallery theme will feature work of Camas Camera Club members

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The Feb. 5 artists' reception in the Second Story Gallery, 625 N.E. Fourth Ave., is part of the Downtown Camas Association First Friday activities. In addition to providing an opportunity to meet the photographers, the free event will feature music by Mary LaFrance on guitar.

The photography will remain on display through Feb. 27 and can be viewed during regular library hours, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.

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Ask someone what the word “love,” means, and you’ll likely be met by responses as varied as the heart of each individual.

Camas Camera Club members will attempt to answer that question through an upcoming exhibit at the Second Story Gallery.

The works of these 15 different photographers will be unveiled at a First Friday reception at the gallery, located in the Camas Public Library.

It will be the second time the club has had a show at the gallery, and the group chose the “love” theme, because the photographers wanted to “peer behind the curtain of love,” according to group founder Kirsten Muskat.

“Realizing that love is a word that has been overused and commercialized, we felt like we needed to explore and deepen our understanding of love in ourselves,” she said.

The love stories captured in photographs range from romantic love to brotherly love to love of life.

Clayton Ravsten has been a member of the club for two years.

“I joined because I was looking for a group of people who shared some common interests,” he said. “The atmosphere of the club is very welcoming. We don’t have contests. It’s really an opportunity to learn from other people and that’s very rewarding.”

It will be his first show at the Second Story Gallery.

“I am looking forward to this show because it will be interesting to see how each person interprets love through the lens.” Ravsten said. “A picture is worth a thousand words and we will see where their hearts are. When you take the time to capture something in a photograph and display it, that means something.”

Shonda Feather, a professional photographer, joined the group three years ago.

“I had a co-worker who had been going and loved it,” she said. “It was a group of people who shared the same passion I did. I really enjoy it because we take the strengths of the people in the group, and get them to help teach others.”

It will the first time Feather has shown her work publicly. She specializes in maternity, infant and family photography.

“It will be interesting to see the differences of what everyone’s view of love is and how they see this assignment,” she said.

Muskat is looking forward to the group’s second show at the gallery, but notes that a lot of work goes into preparation.

“Somehow, it turns out,” she said with a smile. “I really like watching how the members grow during their preparation for the show. For some, it is their first time. For others, their sixth. It builds the spirit of the club and everyone participates. It’s a lot of work, but it’s fun and promotes the club into the Camas community.”

The Second Story Gallery show will continue through Feb. 27. The images capture a spectrum of giving and receiving love, from falling in love, to the enduring nature of love, from quirky, to earthy, to love’s ethereal qualities.

In addition to Muskat, Feather and Ravsten, others taking part in the show are Gary Canazzi, Karen Elliott, Tonja Franklin, Cheri Jackson, Suzanne Michalik, Laura Mae Miller, Clayton Ravsten, Stephanie Roberts, Cindy Schroeder, Lou Steffey, Tonette Sweet, Les Taylor, Tom West and Tracy Woods.

The Camas Camera Club has meeting monthly since 2011, when founders came together to share their creativity and pursue a common interest.

“I really want to give a big thank you to the community and the Second Story Gallery for supporting us,” Muskat said. “Having the opportunity to participate in these shows gets the word out about our club to more people who may want to join.”