Letters to the Editor for June 21, 2016

Why does Camas need a 175-foot cell tower?

A lot of us moved to Prune Hill in Camas for the exceptional views.

Many of us have an outstanding view of the Columbia River, Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens and/or the valley below.

Now, I find out that a 175-foot cell tower is scheduled to be put on 18th Avenue, right on top of Prune Hill (probably the highest point as you come west from the gorge). There is already an 80-foot cell tower on Prune Hill by the water tower.

This new monster cell tower will ruin the beauty of our community, block views, lower property values and disrupt wetland areas. Who approves this kind of stuff? The 80-foot cell tower takes care of our phone needs. Why do we need one that is 175-feet tall? To take care of Portland’s needs?

Ron McKnight


Support Richards for the 14th District

It’s time to fire Curtis the Tax King.

Curtis King authored and was the primary sponsor of the bill that recently gave us the largest tax increase in the history of Washington State with an 11.9 cent gas tax increase. This tax increase hurts the poorest among us the most. He also claims to be a Republican, but he recently co-hosted a fundraiser supporting Democrat Steve Hobbs for lieutenant governor.

Amanda Richards is an excellent candidate to represent the 14th District. She is a woman of integrity and principle, who I am confident will uphold her oath to both the U.S. and Washington State Constitutions when considering any bill or policy change.

Please support Amanda Richards for State Senator of the 14th District.

Dana Johnson


Vote against violence

Yet another mass killing; this time in Orlando and the largest mass shooting in US history.

And here we still are, as a nation, with guns being sold on line or at gun shows in many states without background checks, military grade guns being sold to everyday citizens and guns easily available to the dangerously mentally ill.

Some make the argument that every bill or law that is proposed will not stop the last shooting or won’t stop all of the shootings. How is that any kind of argument? What if we had taken that stance on cancer, waiting around until we found the ‘perfect cure’? Cancer and guns both kill people. In fact, guns kill over 33,000 people every year.

Every one of us who really cares can act. Find out who your legislators are and call or write them. Attend their town halls, stand up, and ask them “What is your stance on military grade guns being sold to everyday citizens?” and “What specific laws do you support to keep guns out the hands of the seriously dangerous person?” Make them answer your question.

Then, when you go to the polls this fall, vote accordingly. Become a single-issue voter, because in the end isn’t the life of your loved ones more important than anything else?

Joanne Pinelli