Anticipating filing week

The candidate filing period for the upcoming primary and general elections is less than two weeks away.

This time around, voters won’t find any Camas or Washougal city, port or fire district seats on their ballot. However, it will be an important election year for county, state and federal offices.

Voters will decide who will serve as Congressional District 3’s U.S. Representative, in addition to making choices relating to the 14th and 18th Legislative Districts’ senators and representatives.

It will likely be the two Clark County Council positions up for election that will draw the most attention at the local level. As the county has made the transition during the past 1.5 years to a new form of government outlined in the voter-approved home rule charter, the situation within the county’s government has been described by some as unsettled, volatile and at times unpredictable.

Clark County Council Districts 3 and 4, positions currently held by David Madore and Tom Mielke, respectively, will both be up for election, with Camas and Washougal voters casting their ballots on District 4 candidates.

A short list of people have already announced their intention to run for the District 3 and 4 seats, and with filing week, which takes place from Monday, May 16 to Friday, May 20, right around the corner, there will likely be others as well.

It will be fascinating to watch, listen and learn as the candidates set about proving to voters they are the right people to take on these critical county, state and federal government leadership roles.