Battan for County Council District 4

Democrat Roman Battan and Republican Eileen Quiring are vying for Clark County Council District 4, which includes Camas and Washougal.

Although Quiring brings experience in the political arena to the table, it is Battan’s common sense approach to the issues and fresh perspective that make him the Post-Record’s choice for the position.

Battan, a Camas resident, has expressed a desire to be a more proactive councilor. He touts attracting new business investments and removing obstacles for small businesses as ways to improve the economy. Councilors, he has said, should be more business-minded.

Battan, a small business owner, has also said he intends to approach issues thoughtfully and with research. In an article in today’s Post-Record, he places importance on essential services — law and justice, health and human services, building permits, housing, septic inspections, building roads and public works.

During a forum in July, when speaking about the county’s now defunct fee waiver program, he rightly supported looking at the issue more comprehensively and not favoring one segment of the development community over another.

Republican candidate Quiring, a self-described conservative, is a current member of the Clark County planning commission and a former Oregon legislator.

When interviewed, she has voiced support for issues along the same lines as outgoing County Councilor David Madore, who lost in the primary election. She’s endorsed by Tom Mielke, another county councilor on his way out who has been a key factor in creating the often divisive and combative county government culture.

Quiring is not in favor of replacing the I-5 bridge, or the addition of light rail mass transit from Portland to Vancouver. She supports the fee waiver program, despite the results of an county audit that declared it wholly ineffective.

Battan possesses a mind-set for collaboration that will serve county government and the communities it serves well. Vote Battan for Clark County Council District 4.