Panther pride on display

From name calling and screaming matches to wild accusations and downright nasty behavior, the national political arena has been ripe with examples of adults behaving badly.

In a break from all of the craziness, however, a group of Washougal kids and educators showed what it means to have their hearts and minds in the right places.

Washougal High School’s Fishback Stadium is a place where people of all ages gather for sporting events, community fundraisers, and school activities. As anyone who has attended a Friday night lights football game can attest, it is a facility that plays an integral part in Washougal community tradition. Without a doubt the stadium, named in honor of a former school district superintendent, screams black and orange pride.

So on Saturday night when someone decided to spray paint graffiti at this beloved site, it was without hesitation that Washougal supporters of all ages sprang into action.

“Our Panther community is rallying against hate and standing up with pride to come cleanup our stands,” wrote Assistant Principal Sheree Gomez-Clark, in a message to the Post-Record.

And that they did. As detailed in a story in today’s Post-Record, with just a few hours notice more than 30 students, staff and community members worked to repair a damaged mural, and repaint seats and Panther paw prints around the stadium.

It was an awesome display of community pride, and it set a great example of people working together to right a wrong.