Recreational fires allowed again in C-W

Fire department officials rescind ban implemented Aug. 19

Due to cooling and moisture forecast trends from the National Weather Service, Camas-Washougal Fire Department officials announced Thursday that recreational fires will once again be allowed in both cities.

In mid-August when temperatures exceeded 100 degrees, Camas-Washougal Fire Chief Nick Swinhart prohibited all recreational outdoor burning within the city limits. The ban was implemented Aug. 19.

The recreational burn ban implemented Aug. 18 in unincorporated Clark County has also been lifted. However, a ban on land clearing and open burns remains in place.

“Labor Day weekend campers might not like the rain, but it has helped improve what have been dangerously dry conditions throughout the region,” said Clark County Fire Marshal Jon Dunaway. “Still, remember that self-contained camp stoves are a safe, easy alternative to recreational fires.”