Letters to the Editor for Sept. 22, 2016

Pike does not represent her constituents

I believe each time your representative comes up for re-election, it’s critical to review what they have or have not done for you and your community.

As I examine Liz Pike’s voting record, she is definitely not representing my interests or that of my community. She voted down the expansion of I-5, wasting billions of tax dollars and ensuring decades of congestion for Clark County. Her solution to increase safety in schools was to arm our teachers. This is not a solution, it adds to the problem. She has dragged her feet to properly fund our public schools as mandated by our State Supreme Court.

It’s time for a change. I believe Kathy Gillespie is the right person to take the baton. Her record has proven that she can form alliances, work for real solutions to improve our quality of life in Clark County and our public schools. I encourage you to vote, as I will, for Kathy Gillespie.

Suzy Truitt, Camas

Vote Lannen

I have personally become acquainted with Tom Lannen since he and I both became permanent, full time residents of Skamania County over 10 years ago. I was immediately impressed by Tom’s genuine interest in the county. He has been an active member of the county’s Community Emergency Response Team and the Emergency Operations Center for most of his residency in Skamania County. He started the “Saving Skamania County” action group to bring attention to the county’s financial condition and to seek long-term solutions to the loss of supplemental federal funding through the Secure Rural Schools Program.

Tom has successfully spearheaded efforts to establish a working relationship with the Forest Service directed toward active management of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. He is an active member of the South Gifford Pinchot Collaborative, which works in partnership with a diverse group of forest stakeholders in helping guide forest management decisions with the Forest Service.

Tom’s business and education background is a strong asset. The ability to build productive working relationships with people is one of his primary strengths. He has spent the past five years gathering information and practical knowledge about the operation of this county and the socio-economic conditions that exist locally, which will require on-going focus for the benefit of county citizens and local government. He is an advocate for workable, creative solutions to the county’s precarious financial condition.

A vote for Tom Lannen as County Commissioner will bring you representation based upon development of fiscally responsible approaches to management of this county and its services. Compassion, competency, and experienced based knowledge are characteristics Tom will bring to that position if elected.

Mike Mapes, Stevenson

Bill will accelerate irresponsible spending

We originally moved to this area in 2009. We lived on the Oregon side, but my husband’s office was on the Washington side. We paid Oregon income tax. We bought a home in Washington, but my husband’s office was moved to the Oregon side so we paid Oregon taxes again. Imagine making a monthly car payment for a shiny new car that you don’t get to drive. It’s not fun, and it’s very stressful on a budget.

Today my husband’s office is on the Washington side but we have a governor up for re-election that will implement a Washington State income tax in addition to the sales taxes, gas taxes, property taxes, and school levies that we already pay. If you read Washington State Senate Bill 6559 and can manage to not go cross-eyed, you will find that the bold headings make bold statements that sound like an income tax will magically lower our tax burden. If you read the fine print, you will soon realize that they are empty promises. Each of the taxes that the bill claims to “eliminate” or “reduce” actually allows for them to be raised at a later date. Sneaky.

I once overheard my friend’s dad lecturing her that “you can put cheese on a pile of manure, but it’s still manure.” That’s what we are being handed with SB6559 — melting cheese on a steaming cow patty.

If our state government can’t properly handle its budget now, SB6559 will only accelerate irresponsible spending. We have successfully defeated seven attempts at implementing an income tax since 1935. Let’s go for lucky number eight and defeat our current governor while we’re at it.

Vote for Bill Bryant and get our state’s spending under control.

Lisa Evans, White Salmon