Letter to the Editor for Aug. 10, 2017

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Cities should ban private fireworks

I read the article on how Camas and Washougal officials are considering banning private fireworks, and I think it is a brilliant idea. My mom frequently volunteers at Southwest Humane Society, and every year, she says some dogs there get terrified of the fireworks and are trembling in the corners of their beds, doing anything they can to protect their ears from the sudden and loud bangs. Our own animals get terrified of the fireworks, and my little cousins get scared as well.

I also know of some veterans that do not celebrate the Fourth of July like the rest of us, because the fireworks remind them of wars and battlefields that they’ve endured to keep our country safe. Also, the amount of times a neighbor’s firework fell over and launched itself towards my family and exploded feet away from my four-year-old cousin is immoral.

I don’t think it’s right to celebrate our freedom while putting others, animals and humans alike in mental and physical harm. I think that the cities of Washougal and Camas should place a ban on private fireworks. We can still maintain the American tradition of watching fireworks by going to a city-hosted event. That way, people who like the bright colors and loud explosions can observe them safely, and those who don’t like them can stay a safe distance away.

Cadence Parrish, Washougal

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