Letters to the Editor for Aug. 31, 2017

Where does our congresswoman stand on racism and equal rights?

Congresswoman Herrera Beutler has an important question to answer: Where do you stand on racism and equal rights? The president equates white supremacists with those who protest against them — do you stand with him? The president had an opportunity to condemn violent white supremacists but failed to do so. He was praised by Ku Klux Klan leaders for his response to Charlottesville — Do you stand with them? The president banned transgender Americans from serving in our armed forces, before military officials completed their study of the issue. He declared brave Americans willing to risk their lives for our country as unfit, simply due to their gender identity. Do you stand with the president on this issue, or do you stand with those who say it is unfair and discriminatory? The president pardoned Joe Arpaio, who had been found guilty of willfully violating a court order to stop his practice of violating the rights of Latinos. Do you stand with the president in overturning the court? The president has clearly shown that he will not stand up for equal rights for all Americans. Congresswoman Herrera-Beutler, where do you stand?

Geni Donaghey, Vancouver

Thanks to organization who replaced benches

Thank you to the organization that recently replaced the benches on Heritage Trail. They are extremely well done and are an excellent addition!

Tim Hein, Camas

Vote Kris Greene for Port of Vancouver Commission

Kris Greene, Port of Vancouver commissioner candidate, is a positive force in our community. He proposes a broad and balanced plan for our port. That is why he has earned endorsements from our region’s leading citizens, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, former Councilman Larry J. Smith, former Commissioner Nancy Baker, Commissioner Jerry Oliver, Evergreen School District Superintendent John Deeder, and state legislators Brandon Vick, Paul Harris and Lynda Wilson.

He is endorsed by the Southwest Washington Central Labor Council and the Builders Trade Unions.

If we want to help workers and our young people seeking opportunity here, we will vote for Kris Greene.

Jonas Lail and Larry Levien, Vancouver