Got vinegar? Drink it for perfect attendance

Stephanie Knight is fifth in her family to never miss school

Stephanie Knight credits drinking vinegar and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for never missing a day of school since kindergarten.

When she graduates from Camas High next week, Knight will be the fifth child in her family to have maintained a record of perfect attendance.

Before her came siblings, CHS grads Hilary, Allison, Kimberly and Mikey.

“I just don’t get sick that much,” Knight said. “I am very happy that I can continue the family tradition of never missing school.”

She noted that she’s never been pressured to maintain the record, but it’s always something she has pushed herself to do.

It’s no shock that there is a competitive streak in this two-sport athlete. In addition to basketball and track, Knight is a member of the National Honor Society and jazz band. Adding to her hectic schedule, this year she took a church seminar class that started at 5:20 a.m., every day.

“It feels amazing to look back at my school career and know I never missed a day, especially with everything that is going on,” Knight said.

After graduation, she’ll head to Idaho to attend Brigham Young University campus there and major in nursing.

“It’s definitely been a challenge to maintain perfect attendance, but I don’t like missing school, because then you would just have double the work to do,” Knight said. “I feel that this has made me a better person and will help me in life.”

Her parents are Nadine and Kelly Knight of Camas.