Letters to the Editor for May 4, 2017

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Kris Greene for Commissioner, Port of Vancouver District 1

The Port is tasked with economic development, stewardship and job creation. Kris (Greene), a business owner, understands the need to bring more family-wage jobs to our growing region.

Kris will work toward harmony of communication with the community, focus on safety, the environment and clarify growth initiatives affecting taxpayers. Kris has long-term vision to provide economic benefit, such as mentorship for students entering the employee pool, and is not influenced by outside special-interest groups.

We need a commissioner who can fulfill his duties, all they encompass, throughout his term.

Kimberly Bertrand, Vancouver

County councilors should reconsider moratorium on rural land divisions

My friends and neighbors were spending money towards fulfilling their dreams of living rural lifestyles. Their hopes were dashed April 24. In a routine (Clark County Board of Councilors) hearing, four councilors approved an emergency moratorium that stopped all rural and resource land divisions.

This was not noticed to citizens and approved without public input and little deliberation. This was an intentional maneuver that leaves instability for landowners and investors. Four councilors used the state (Growth Management) Hearings Board as an opportunity to maintain ill-contrived actions that stop rural growth. Only Councilor (Eileen) Quiring stood by her constituents with her vote.

The Hearings Board doesn’t represent the citizens of Clark County and fails to rely on the experience of local residents to craft measures for the local growth plan. Councilors shouldn’t treat the policies of the Hearings Board as binding standards and elevate them above those of their constituents.

The county is appealing elements of the Hearings Board’s ruling. The county should be arguing the Hearings Board’s opinion of local circumstances is faulty and deference should be given to the tax-paying citizens.

The April 24 moratorium placates the Hearings Board and undercuts the county’s appeal. If the moratorium is so critical, why weren’t human considerations recognized? There is no excuse for the inaction of staff failing to provide all pros and cons.

The moratorium amounts to a no-growth policy; contrary to GMA. A variety of rural densities and support of rural lifestyles are supported by GMA. Where are considerations for diminished property values that jeopardize financing and sales of parcels?

Investments were made in land that is forced to linger indefinitely in a holding pattern. Values will surely plummet, yet the county must collect the same amount of property taxes.

This now becomes a rural and urban issue as all property owners will be forced to compensate for the tax deficit.

Clark County Citizens United hopes the Council will vigorously pursue an appeal and will not endanger the local economy, tax base, property rights and well-being of all constituents.

Susan Rasmussen, Ridgefield

Kris Greene stands out in Vancouver Port race

I have looked at the operation of the Port of Vancouver, and have concluded that it is a vitally important driver of the economy of Clark County.

I have observed the broad range of economic activity occurring in the Port, and the need for effective long-term planning and development of the Port.

I have also examined the candidates for Port Commissioner and I have concluded that we need a Commissioner who can plan, develop and implement a multi-phased program for a safe and prosperous future Port.

One candidate stands out because of his strong business development background, his history of civic contribution and leadership, and his well-thought-out positions regarding the various aspects of the Port. That candidate is Kris Greene, and I urge everyone to support Kris Greene for First District Port Commissioner.

Richard A. Seekins, Vancouver

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