Letters to the Editor for Sept. 28, 2017

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Coeur d’Alene may have lost football game, but Camas lost something even more important

Coeur d’Alene lost a high school football game last Friday night. The Camas community lost something much more important.

Our hosts, the Camas football program and community, were truly wonderful. Everyone we met was eager to offer any assistance: special parking for our vehicles, electrical hookups for our motor homes and allowing many of us free entry to the game given the long distance we had traveled. Everyone was warm and courteous. Parents were friendly. Kids were well mannered and polite. The picture-perfect stadium was filled with excitement and the Camas band played the Coeur d’ Alene fight song to make sure we felt welcomed.

I have watched high school programs throughout the Northwest and Midwest for that last 30 years and can think of no better place for football. I believe the environment created by the Camas community is nearly perfect — a football equivalent of the movie Field of Dreams. The Camas community is to be congratulated.

I do not wish to relive the game or the officiating. I am certain we parents watching from Coeur d’ Alene sideline have a much different perspective than those from the Camas sideline. The game was played and we lost. The Camas boys competed until the final seconds and were justly rewarded with a victory. The Camas coaches had their team well-prepared and had the good fortune, as head coach Eagle stated in the newspaper, to have “stolen” one from Coeur d’ Alene.

Unfortunately for the Camas community, something was stolen from your boys and coaches who played so well and did everything right. KJR radio in Seattle wasn’t talking about the great game played against the boys from Idaho, but instead the commentators were focused on the officiating. The visiting Coeur d’ Alene Vikings were penalized for 230 yards while Camas was penalized 30 yards. Eighty percent of the yards gained by Camas in the winning drive were the result of penalties assessed by the officials against Coeur d’ Alene, creating first downs and stopping the game clock.

As a parent of a senior on the Coeur d’Alene football team, I told my son after the game that Camas didn’t steal something from Coeur d’ Alene. The Camas boys and coaches played hard, they didn’t give up and deserved the win. Instead, I will tell my heartbroken son that the officials stole something from Camas. I will tell my son that those hearing about the game in Seattle, Spokane and throughout Idaho will not hear of the wonderful Camas community and the storied place for high school football. Nor will people hear of the outstanding efforts by the Camas boys. Instead people hearing about the game will be told how the officials overshadowed the courageous efforts of high school boys from Camas and Coeur d’ Alene.

I truly wish the Camas football team a successful season and will be cheering for them from Idaho.

Steven D. Matheson, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

For fresh start in Washougal, vote for Dan Coursey

I care about my city, as I’m sure most of us do. Recent events in the news lead me to believe we need a new start. That means not drawing from the same old well of candidates from many years ago. Please support Dan Coursey for Washougal mayor.

Dan has proven himself to be in the corner of Washougal citizens and taxpayers with his votes on the Washougal City Council. His respectful, steady demeanor, and his professional business background is just what is needed now more than ever. Dan’s fiscally conservative approach to government means he isn’t going to abuse the taxpayers by using us as a piggy bank for special interest projects, or pushing agendas the citizens here don’t want.

He’ll make sure we have what we need, like improved streets, efficient government and better schools, and will support law enforcement. Dan will make economic and fiscal performance a priority, and encourage new businesses and jobs in the city.

There are few things more important than helping to create an environment where people can support their families. We can trust Dan, so please vote Coursey for Mayor.

Penny Henslee, Washougal

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