Papermakers win Titan Cup for third consecutive year

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The Camas girls spent a cold, wet, blustery day playing in a unique Union High School sponsored event called the Titan Cup at Tri-Mountain Golf Course in Ridgefield on Monday, April 16.

The Camas girls won the event for a third consecutive year. It’s set up in a format similar to the Ryder Cup, where teams compete in single-match play and alternative-match play. Camas, Union, Skyview and Prairie high school golfers compete in this event each year.

“I think alternate shot is harder than a typical round, because you have to work with someone else, and we all have different games, so it’s quite a challenge,” said Camas senior Hailey Oster, who will be playing golf for Montana State in the fall.

“It really forces you to think about your shots differently and it’s really fun and competitive,” said junior Emma Cox, who is a two handicap and alternates with Oster as the No. 1 player on the team.

Instead of focusing on a cumulative score, the Titan Cup requires players to focus on just one hole at a time, getting a point each time they win a hole.

“It allows them to be more aggressive,” head coach Bob Foster said. “If you are behind on the hole you are only playing for that hole, (you) can take more chances. It’s just a fun way to play golf.”

Oster paired up with teammate Lauren Tsukimura for the Monday morning alternate-shot match. Emma Cox played with Wenny Cai, and the third Camas duo was Ashley Clark and Abby Jiang.

Camas beat Skyview 3-0 in the morning round.

After warming up during a quick lunch break in the clubhouse, the girls played singles-match play for the final nine holes. Camas beat Prairie 5-1 to bring home the Titan Cup. Playing in the rain on muddy, wet courses is something the Papermakers have embraced this season.

“As a group, we decided we’re not going to complain about weather or conditions and we use that to our advantage and let the other teams worry about conditions,” said Foster, who is in his fifth season coaching the Camas girls after retiring from his career as a Portland Police detective.

Oster says she actually enjoys playing in wet conditions: “I think it’s mostly mental and what you make out if it because if you tell yourself the conditions are too cold and wet, then it’s going to be hard. I play a lot better in the rain because it just doesn’t get to me as much as some other players.”

The Papermakers have finished second in the state tournament two years in a row and this year every player on the team is focused on bringing home a state championship.

So far this season, the team has not lost a single match.

“I think this year could be our year,” Foster said.

So far this season, the team has not lost a single match.

“I have four players that consistently score in the 30s and then the other girls are in the low to mid-40s,” Foster said.

There are 18 girls on the Camas golf team and seven of them have state tournament experience. This year, the team is working toward the same goal: beating state powerhouse Bellarmine Prep from Tacoma. The Bellarmine golfer have won state two years in a row.

“We are super excited. Bellarmine Prep is a great school and their girls are really competitive, but we’ve gotten second two years in a row, so we really want this,” Cox said. “We are ready to fight for it and we will be the toughest players out there.”

Tsukimura agreed.

“We want to beat Bellarmine Prep so badly,” she said. “We’ve come so close and this is our year.”