Letters to the Editor for Dec. 6, 2018

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Editor should respect those who support military action at U.S-Mexico border

This is in response to the editorial in the Nov. 29, 2018, Post-Record (Opinion page, A4) in which (the Post-Record’s editor) expresses her personal political opinions on the current situation at the Mexican-United States border. I feel the editor has crossed the line with comments that do not respect other opinions and uses her position as the editor in an inappropriate, personal manner. Every member of the Camas community has the right to freedom of speech, have their opinion, support any leader they wish and not be lectured to. That right is protected by our laws and should be respected by each of us as fellow citizens. As a member of the press, I would think that the editor of the Post-Record would be especially sensitive and supportive of freedom of speech, and through that, freedom of opinion. If the editor cannot demonstrate respect to opinions outside hers, perhaps she should consider resigning her position and pursue her agenda in a personal position.

Tim Hein, Camas

If Gov. Inslee is ‘environmental governor’ he should oppose methanol plant

All along the Columbia River, communities have rejected proposed industries that add greenhouse gas to the atmosphere in place of non-polluting industries and businesses. With the increased tourist attractions on the waterfront in Kalama, more tourist dollars help support the community. So why should Gov. Jay Inslee support Northwest Innovations Works, whose methanol refinery will be the largest polluter the state? This company falsely claims the methanol plant will help reduce climate change, while downplaying the environmental impacts that threaten the current citizens and future generations. Gov. Inslee has claimed to be an environmental governor and has claimed to be neutral about the proposed plant; an environmental leader should never be neutral, but should lead to stop climate change.

Gerard Smith, Kalama, Washington

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